Note: For this small article, I have analyzed athletes on videos but did not test them. Although my explanations are simplified, the assessment reveals in-depth informations.

A small article and a small game. My first big passion is soccer. Here you can find two french players. Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud. France, won the last world cup with them, as Forward first team Player. They are two distinct players. But, they are both efficient in different ways, in their system. 


Guess who is Aerial and who is Grounded? 


Olivier Giroud will prioritize an acceleration by using his hips first and have his body mass more backward. He will have more activation from his Anterior muscle chain. The grounded loves having more body flexion. This type of player loves the contact with other players and favor endurance with start and stop style of play. It doesn't mean that they can't have a good speed. If you are a defender and want to stop him, better be far to him and observe what will be his next move. Tip to stop him: Block his hips with your hands or arms, he won't like it...;)


Kylian Mbappe will prioritize acceleration by using his shoulders first and have his body mass more frontward. He will have more activation from his Posterior muscle chain. The aerial loves having more body extension. This type of player love to eat space and favor fast pace, higher speed with no stop in his run. It doesn't mean that they can't be good at endurance. If you are a defender and want to stop him, better be close to him all the time and close that gap. Tip to stop him: Block his shoulders with your hands or arms, he won't like it...;)

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Once again, the most important part of their training: use the innate strength, and use it with efficiency on the field. Would I do the same physical conditioning for those two players? No, because they favorized two different systems. They do not activate the same muscle chains. To prevent injury, they will have different areas to monitor. To maximize their strength, they would work on different strategies and exercises. Also, they need different instructions on how to use their force on the field. With better control of the environment, the chance of success is highly increased. 

Next time, I will do an article on the running biomechanics preferences. Hope you enjoyed this one!


Aurelien Van Stichelen


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