We are born with different Physical Preferences. That is a fact!  

Do this test:

Cross your Hands together and see which thumb is on top. Left, or Right? Me, it is Left. My wife? The right thumb. That is what we call a "Physical Preference." Now, do the reverse: Uncross your hands and try to put the other thumb on top. Weird, right? Unnatural. It is a great example of “Physical Preference”.

Then, imagine if you are the "World Champion of Crossing Hands," and your Coach decides to teach you what he thinks is the perfect way, the proper technique to cross hands.  Unfortunately, it goes against your real preference. Of course, after a while, you should be able to perform this movement. But you never will be as efficient and fast if you train on your best side. Period! Do it, you will see!


Arms Crossing is another test that highlights your preferences. 


I have been Learning for years this European Science-Based Method, developed by Sport and Medicine Doctors ("Volodalen" and "Action Types" are the pioneer in that matter). Called " Les Preferences Motrices". In Europe, this method is becoming increasingly popular among sports professionals. In contrast, it is still a unique approach for the USA, whereas I consider it the future of training. Let me bring you into a new world of body comprehension.

What I do

To reveal your Biomechanics Preferences, we will go through an individualized assessment composed of various specific and unique coordination tests. We will also be screening your posture, walk, and running patterns. For your sport of interest, we will also put you in real condition. In the end, you will be surprised to discover how your personality impact on your biomechanics preferences.

The Outcome

Are you grounded (terrestrial) or aerial? (read my articles for more information) How does your spine work: in dissociation or association? (Read Golf article) What Muscles Chain are you prioritize? Am I using my natural running patterns?  Will you be better build for concentric force or plyometric exercises? What is your energy system preference? What is your posture of choice to enhance your coordination? ... and much more to know... Let's discover it together.

My Goal

Use your biomechanics preferences to acquire your best profile and to use it in your everyday training. It will optimize your session, maximize your performance, and dramatically reduce the risk of injury. 

I will put you back at the heart of your system. The one which belongs to you, who defines what you are. We are all unique and need to train that way. I will design the session around your goals, for competition or recreational activities!

It will also give you the key to use your innate strength in your favorite sports. I will teach you how to properly use your biomechanics preferences in every situation that your specific sport can offer. You will quickly increase your movement patterns, coordination, and enhance your performance. Ready to use your system and unleash your full potential?

Want to discover yours? Everyone is welcome: Athletes, coaches seeking answers for their athlete, kids (11+) struggling to pick the perfect sport or just curious people who want to understand their body better. 

By definition, athletes are individuals that practice sports activities regularly. Therefore, we all need to be considered an athlete. 


Note that they are no unwelcome profile, only yours, your very own system.

Each profile has its strength, waiting to be exploited. 

Your body calls, and we will answer together as a team.

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Sports Biomechanics Preferences, enjoy!

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As you can see, my wife and I, we are quite the opposite. And, we are both right-sided. There is not a better way to cross your hands or arms, only your way. You don't think about it, that is natural.  


My wife has been tested and I know her biomechanics preferences. For example, I will never train my wife the same way as myself. It would be going against her best profile, out of her comfort zone. She will not enjoy her session and it could lead to injury.


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